Andar Bahar(अंदर बाहर)

It’s easy to understand why Andar Bahar(अंदर बाहर) is so popular, it’s not only super easy to play, but fun too! Andar Bahar(अंदर बाहर) originated in India, and you will be able to play this homegrown card game online at any of the casino sites listed on Gold Casino. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the inside-out rules, from table layout to side bets, and how to withdraw your winnings.

Tips for playing Andar Bahar(अंदर बाहर):

It takes about 20 seconds to learn Andar Bahar(अंदर बाहर). In other words, the same amount of time will take you to go through the steps given below.

How to play Andar Bahar(अंदर बाहर) online:

View the cards being played and see if your bet is winning;

In other words, there are just two stages in the game, place your bet, and see if the inside out is the winning side.

Andar Bahar(अंदर बाहर) rules

Andar Bahar(अंदर बाहर) is played with a deck of 52 cards. A “Joker” card is chosen at random, followed by a delt with the rest of the deck.

The deck is delted card-by-card, alternating between in and out. As soon as a card appears similar to the joker, the side with the same card wins.

As a player, you expect to receive the card matching that side. It is not possible to bet on both sides, and there is no possibility for any type of bond.

How to bet Andar Bahar(अंदर बाहर)?

If you want to up your game, you can place a bet. To understand how to play an inside out bet, all you have to do is bet on as many cards as you think will be dealt.

Side bets, in other words, are completely separate from the outcome of the game. Instead, you should bet on the number that you think will appear before the Joker card appears.

बेट पेआउट
1-5 कार्ड
6-10 कार्ड
11-15 कार्ड
16-25 कार्ड
26-30 कार्ड
31-35 कार्ड
36-40 कार्ड
41-51 कार्ड